Older traveller needing advice on rail travel

Greetings, am traveling solo to Tokyo in October- staying out at Narita (daily commute to Tokyo), then Kyoto and back to Narita- would a JR rail pass be a good buy? Also where would I get information on wholesale fabric shops open to the public in either Tokyo/Narita/Kyoto.
regards CJfromNZ

Hi CJ!
Maybe, it’s a close call as to whether you’d save much money or not.

If it’s just Kyoto and back, then there’s a specific discount ticket for that journey here.

Otherwise the price of a 7 day rail pass is a little more than than Tokyo, Kyoto return fare. So you’d need to do bit more JR rail travel to justify the price. Narita to Tokyo and back every day for a week might just about do it since it’s ~1000yen each way using a JR train.

Also see our Shinkansen fare calculator.

Many thanks for the reply I think a 14 day pass might be an option as I have 12 full days in Japan. regards Carol

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