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Ofx deal expired?


Signed up with OFX but the lady on the phone was not aware of you or any deal. Has this expired?
Regards peter


Hi Peter, thanks for brining this to our attention. I’ll contact OFX and investigate…


Hi Peter,
OFX have made sure all their operators know about the preferred pricing offer for Tokyo Cheapo readers.
Normally they can automatically see you’ve come from our website, but if you signed up some time after reading the article or not from clicking on the link in our article this might not happen automatically.


Thank you for investigating.
I may not have used your link to register because i noticed earlier that the link simply opened the standard OFX registration page and I didnt see how OFX could tell it was a TokyoCheapo link. Should I call them and and ask for the offer to be applied? Can you give me a reference thet they can look up if the person is unaware of the deal like last time?
Regards, Peter Swift


With your permission I can put you in touch via email with our contact at OFX who is keen to make sure you have the offers applied to your account. Shall I do so? (We have your email from your registration on this forum).


Actually I emailed their customer service (OFX) just after I sent you the above text and they have already responded, applying the discount with an apology.
Thanks again anyway.