Obaida still worth it?

At first, Obaida looked like a must-see. Now it seems a no-go, with lots of attractions closed:

future world, closed.
Daikanransha (Giant Sky Wheel), closed.
joypolis, closed.
digital arts museum, teamlabs, relocated to other island (temporarily?)
Venus fort, closed.
Onsen world ; oedo onsen monogatari, closed.

So now I’m down to the Fuji television building and liberty statue, and the amazing view from the head of the automatic train. I’m still in doubt about the Miraikan (the national museum of emerging science and innovation). Some reviews say it’s not that new and advanced.

Has anyone visited Obaida recently? Did I miss something?

I’m not exactly sure what “future world” is, but I’m pretty sure it’s the Miraikan, which is still open. Also, Joypolis isn’t closed, it’s just difficult to get tickets for. Personally, I wouldn’t put Odaiba on my top few places to see in Tokyo, but if you’re here for a week, it’s still worth checking out. There’s still the Gundam robot, Spotcha, and there’s plenty of shopping, if that’s your thing. Also, the Mori Digital Museum is never returning to Odaiba. They’re building Japan’s tallest skyscraper in Azabudai and the digital museum will be the center piece.

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