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Oakwood Hotel Apartments Ariake

On my trip to Japan in 2017 stayed at the Oakwood Hotel Apartments Ariake. Great place that ticked most of my boxes. In my preparations towards this years trip i discovered the the hotel is permanently closed, according to Google, at least under the Oakwood brand name…

So what happened to this place? Is it a part of the Sunroute Ariake complex? Is it undergoing renovation?
Does anyone knows if this hotel is open under new ownership or if it is any plans for it to open in near future?

Thank you.

I have no experience of Oakwood Ariake or Sunroute - and it’s not an area you’d be likely to go unless you were staying specifically at that hotel. However, from Google Street View it looks like the complex is all Sunroute. Also, the suites that they’re advertising look like apartments to me - they have kitchenettes.