NRT Terminal 1 arrival question

Our family arrives to NRT on separate flights, about 4 hours apart. When the first group arrives, is there a way for us to stay airside, go to 3rd floor, and hang out at the airline lounge for a bit or must we immediately get our luggage, pass through customs, etc?

Departures and arrivals are completely separate, and there are no lounges before baggage collection/customs for arriving passengers. If you were transferring to a connecting flight, you could enter the departures area, but they won’t let you through unless you have a connecting flight. I would suggest going through immigration and customs and finding somewhere in the airport mall to relax.

There are a couple of lounges after you exit immigration and customs, but only if you qualify to use them. ANA has an arrival lounge (after immigration and customs).

Thanks, very helpful.

No problem! Hope you have a great trip.