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Ninja Wifi discount

I followed the direct link from your page on wifi devices to Ninja Wifi but no 30% discount. price the same as going through their home page. Is there an error?

Hi there,
The discount is applied automatically. You should notice an item in the cart under “Discount”, For the regular Unlimited device, this should be about 285yen per day. If you visit the site directly, you’ll still have the discount because you’ve clicked through from Tokyo Cheapo. If you check using an incognito browser window, you’ll see the full price.
Alternatively, you can order directly through our site. It’s actually cheaper than going through Ninja Wifi.

Many Thanks Cheapo Greg
Have ordered and yes, got the discount which is pretty generous and makes this a very good, competitive option.

Now i can stop worrying about not being ableto find my way around Japan!



Just got one for 20 days for $205 AUD or $140 USD.

Thanks for the deal form one Cheapo to another…

I left out the insurance and the battery bank - I guess it cheaper to buy one than rent one. Also don’t plan on losing this and if I do my insurance via Credit card might cover it