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Need help booking 2 appointments in Tokyo


My name is Faith, and I’ll be visiting Tokyo the 2nd week of February for the first time :slight_smile: わくわくする
I need to make appointments by phone at 2 different salons, and my Japanese admitedly isn’t good enough to do it.
Searching online, the one service I found that will do this for personal vs. business purposes charges 3.95/minute, which will add up quickly.
I’m just looking to see if anyone knows of a better service, or way to accomplish this. Both places require a phone call to make the appt (not email).
Or, if anyone who’s fluent would want to do this via a 3 way call, I’d be willing to pay a reasonable rate.
Just wanted to put my feelers out there and get other people’s opinions.
Thank you!


Hi Jeunefille,

As an alternative did you already try emailing the salons? If you keep the language simple, they might be able to reply in English.


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Hi Jenuefille,

I am an organiser from TOKYO BEAUTY STARS. We are a registered local Japanese company that specializes in introducing quality Japanese beauty services all in English from top hair salons in Tokyo with discounts for tourists visiting Japan. We also help tourists book the services with the hair salons for FREE. We are happy to help you to meet the right services with your friend.:blush:

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