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Need Feedback on 9 Days Itinerary in Tokyo

Hi, friends . . .

We are planning to visit Tokyo in mid-November, and we’ve set up an amateur-ish itinerary for our 9-days stay. We really hope we get some feedback and suggestions from fellow travel enthusiasts, and from someone who live in Tokyo.

Please advise.

Day 1 (Friday) 15 Nov
Arrive in Tokyo
Check-in AirBnB (Toshima City, near Shin-Otsuka station and Otsuka station)
Dinner at Skytree

Day 2 (Saturday) 16 Nov
Imperial Palace
Jingu Gaien Gingko Avenue + Lunch
Shopping, dinner in Akihabara

Day 3 (Sunday) 17 Nov
Sightseeing, shopping, playing, and Lunch in Odaiba (Gundam, Palette Town, Ferris Wheel)
Boat trip Tokyo Bay - Asakusa
Sightseeing, dinner in Asakusa (checking out the Tourist Information Center to ask things about Nikko)

Day 4 (Monday) 18 Nov
Day Trip - Mt. Takao (We go by ourselves)

Day 5 (Tuesday) 19 Nov
Todoroki Ravine Park
Carrot Tower
Sightseeing, dinner in Shibuya (Shibuya illumination, Shibuya crossing, Hachiko statue)

Day 6 (Wednesday) 20 Nov
Day Trip - Nikko (We go by ourselves)

Day 7 (Thursday) 21 Nov
Day Trip - Kawaguchiko Lake, Gotemba, Fuji (With a tour)

Day 8 (Friday) 22 Nov
Tokyo Comic Con

Day 9 (Saturday) 23 Nov
Sightseeing, Ueno Park
Sightseeing, lunch around Tokyo Dome - Koishikawa Korakuen Garden
Back early for packing

Day 10 (Sunday) 24 Nov
Back to Jakarta

Any ideas, suggestions, and feedback are welcome. Thank you very much.

Hi jeryhen

It seems you have a well planned itinerary.
Some brief comments
-While there is a difficult language barrier, sometimes it’s nice to make a reservation for dinner. One idea is popping by the restaurant of interest earlier in the afternoon to try book, (using google translate), then walk around/shop until dinner.
-You could consider purchasing a 3d tokyo wide pass (10,000yen pp), which can cover kawaguchiko and nikko (and I think Mt takao). Although I just realised you will take a tour to Fuji (which is much more convenient than the train)
-Have you pre-ordered your comic con tickets?


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I think you have a great combination of culture and nature. Late November is a great time to be in Tokyo–the weather is pleasant and autumn leaves are changing color. If you’d like to try a hot spring bath, there is a fairly decent one called Gokuraku Onsen at Takaosanguchi station, and a couple near Lake Kawaguchi. I wrote a self-published ebook on hiking and hot springs near Tokyo that includes sections on Mt. Takao and Lake Kawaguchi. If you are interested in more tips for these areas, please buy it@500 yen on either Kindle or iBooks.

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