Need direction for Mori Digital Art Museum

Hi, can anyone provide me a detail direction for Mori Digital Art Museum?

I want to see if I could add it into my travel plan.


nobody know how to reach Mori Digital Art Museum?

hi Calvin

I can help but not sure exactly what detail you need
The official site has details about location and closest station (ie it’s in Odaiba area in east part of Tokyo)

also, it seems wisest to pre-order tickets

let me know if you have any specific questions

sorry for my late reply, if your offer to help still open.

i would like you to help verifying if my route is correct…

Goto Tokyo Station from Jimbocho Station
Goto Shin Kiba station from Tokyo Station via JR Keiyo line.
Goto Tokyo Teleport Station from Shin Kiba station via Rinka line.

Hi Calvin

I checked your route, it seems fine.
Using google maps or hyperdia will give you several realtime options as well

enjoy! Dont forget to preorder your art museum ticket a few days before


I just booked my ticket online for the museum. We’re very excited to go! I wish the museum wasn’t so far out of the central part of the city

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