Narita to Uguisudani

Uguisudani is where we have to go, but it looks a little “in-between.” Does Sky Access stop there, or do we have to take the local? Would it be better to get off the semi-express at Ueno and double back on a different line? For that matter, could we walk from Ueno; we’ll still have a bit of a hike into Arakawa? We’ll be arriving during rush hour, Golden week, with bags, just to add to the fun. Arigato in advance.

There’s no direct train from Narita that’ll stop at Ugisudani. I’d suggest The Sky Liner (or Sky Access to Ueno) which stop at Nippori, and that’s one stop on the JR Yamanote line away from Ugisudani.

If it’s a Golden week holiday day, transferring trains will be easy enough, however if it’s the rush hour and you have bags, you might want to take a taxi.

Thank you. The new plan is to go to Nippori and walk. It looks a little.longer, but less chance of getting lost!

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