Narita to Nagano via Ueno and Keiser Skyliner

Hi there.
I’m planning to travel from Narita to Nagano.
How can I purchase ticket from Narita to Ueno using Keisei Skyliner AND Ueno to Nagano using Shinkansen?
Can I purchase both tickets at Narita, or do I have to purchase Sinkansen ticket in Ueno?

You can buy both tickets online, or at the airport upon arrival. It’s more convenient buying them online, and actually cheaper for the Skyliner - though there is a handling fee for the Shinkansen ticket.

Skyliner tickets.

Shinkansen tickets (from Tokyo Station, just take the subway from Ueno to Tokyo and then transfer):

Our full guide, for reference:

If you are traveling to Nagano from Narita on the same day, or soon afterwards, you could also consider a JR Pass.

Keisei Ueno Skyliner Station and the JR Station Yamanote Line are actually across the street from each other and not an easy walk via the underpass. And you want to avoid the Huge Tokyo Station and long walk from JR Yamanote side of the station to the JR Shinkansen side; easy to get lost!

Best to take the Skyliner to Nippori (get off one station before Ueno on the Skyliner), and transfer to JR Yamanote and go to Ueno, just two stations on the Yamanote Line.
You can then take the Shinkansen from Ueno to Nagano.
JR Ueno station is very easy to navigate compared to JR Tokyo.
Please see the attached screenshot as an example of a schedule.
Enjoy your trip

Ekitan is a nice site for train transfers, etc. only in Japanese