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Narita SkyAccess Tickets


Hi guys. Will be travelling to Japan next month. I want to try out the SkyAccess (not the Skyliner) to and from Narita airport.

I’ve been using Google Maps, and it tells me that to get from Shinjuku to Terminal 3 of Narita, I have to transfer to the Asakusa Line @ Daimon Station. My question is: How does the ticketing system for the SkyAccess work? From Daimon station, can I buy tickets for the SkyAccess to Narita? Do I go to a ticket counter or can I just get tickets from a machine?

Also, for checking the best transport routes, would you guys recommend Google Maps or Hyperdia? Or some other site? Thanks!


You should get a Suica IC card as soon as you arrive (see the notes on this page
That way you don’t need to buy individual tickets for almost all journeys (which is endlessly confusing in Tokyo)

There’s a few train that require an additional Express ticket (like the Skyliner) but the Sky Access line doesn’t.

Google maps is excellent for planning journeys in Tokyo and Japan, I prefer it to the local Japanese route planning tools.


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