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Narita Express timetable


I’m just wondering what is the latest time the Narita Express train runs? Me and my family will be arriving around 20.10 on the 23rd of Mar and I would like to know what time can we get a ride at Narita Express trains to go to Tokyo for our accomodation. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank in advance



Hi Joanna,

You can find the N’EX timetable here:

The last one should depart at 21:44, giving you enough time to catch it.


You might also check out the Keisei Skyliner which is cheaper. It might also be more convenient depending on your final destination. When you write Tokyo, do you mean Tokyo Station?
Have fun! Dan


Hi All

Thank you for your replies. We will be staying at Mystays Hotel Omori. I believe we will be getting off at Omori station? Hopefully it won’t be a hassle for us to go to Tokyo from Narita at that time of day. I have 3 children with me and my husband… Thanks all


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