Narita Express - Free with JR Pass?

Hi there,
I have just found the narita express train direct to tokyo which is much quicker than the limousine bus I was looking at.

Is it free for JR pass holders?

Yes that’s right it is free, as it’s a JR train.

Note this point from our article on Narita Airport ↔ Tokyo

Given that it doesn’t cost that much to get into Tokyo, you should think very carefully before you activate your JR Pass especially if you plan to spend the first few days of your trip in Tokyo. If you’re spending a few days in Tokyo first, you might want to choose another option to get into Tokyo and then activate the pass when you embark on a longer inter-city trip.

You have just made me worry about another thing!

I have a 14 day pass…

We arrive on a Wednesday morning in Japan, and depart on a Wednesday morning in Japan.
Is this classified as 14 days or 15 days?

Sorry I don’t know about that, best check with the company you bought the pass from.
Have a nice trip!

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