Mt fuji day trip

Hello Tokyocheapo,
i would like some information about going to mt Fuji… i found some one day trip but they look really expensive… about 150$… are they worth it? is it possible go by yourself? i don’t mean to go and climb (i’m not trained) i just would like to go for taking some amazing pictures… do you have any suggestion? many thanks

To just go up to the 5th station of the Mt. Fuji, you can just ride a bus from Shinjuku for about 2700yen. However, if you would like to climb to the summit…you need all gears and so on.

Gear might be useful for climbing to the summit, but it certainly isn’t necessary. We have done it with normal coats, shoes and some water. As the other poster mentions, you can start from one of the 5th stations which reduces the distance. You’ll also probably want to make sure there is no snow and you’ve set aside sufficient time to climb up and return. Be realistic about the pace based on your fitness level. If you are prone to altitude sickness then use caution. See : Climbing Mount Fuji

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