Mount Fuji itinerary

Hi there. I am planning for mount Fuji 5th station, lake kawaguchiko and oshino hakkai. Need advise for itinerary here. Thanks.


For transport to Mount Fuji, see the “How To Get There” section of this article on climbing Fuji.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. But I am not planning to climb…

Even if you aren’t planning to climb, the part about how to get there explains options for getting to the 5th station - which is where people begin their climb. None of these places are really accessible by rail so you’ll need to either catch a bus or get a rental car. My personal preference would be to drive. The roads around there are windy, but they’re in good condition and there isn’t usually too much traffic - unless you’re going at the height of the changing leaves.

Thanks for the reply and advise .

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