Moshi Moshi Nippon Event

There is an event called Moshi Moshi Nippon which is on Sunday the 28th !
I wonder why it is not listed under events, as it is free for foreigners!!! They even have a free food coupon, and famous people like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and DempaGumi Inc are going to appear.

Hello there, are you involved with the promotion of Moshi Moshi Nippon? We’re thinking of adding it to the events section, but to be honest we think the “free for foreigners” thing is very strange. Do you know the reason for it? Is it to make the festival look more international? If so, it sounds a little exploitative. Just looking for some clarification. Thanks!

I also think the “free for foreigners” thing is very strange, its just very badly thought out by the creators. Im pretty sure they want to get as many non-japanese people as possible to attend to create a bigger overseas market. But as most (or at least many) foreigners living in japan dont like that kind of attention and just want to be treated normally i wonder if it might backfire. Also waiting for japanese people to be angry about it haha. I was asked to help out on the event day since they want english speaking people there. And it will look good on my resume. Dont like the “reserved space in front of stage for foreigners” at all. But I like a lot of the people who will appear and it will definitely be a fun event!

That post was by the way by me, the OP. And the event is created by asobisystem, who are pretty keen on using the kawaii for all it’s worth and earn money on it haha.