Morning Sumo Training

There are 5 of us wanting to see morning sumo training May 5,6, or 7 without paying the $100pp fee. Does anyone know a stable where we can do this?

I haven’t heard of it costing money - that must be a new thing because of the demand. Anyway, this place allows you to look through the open windows in the morning. While that might not sound hugely appealing, the alternative is sitting quietly with your legs crossed for the whole duration of the practice.

Hi, yes that link that CheapoGreg suggests seems to be the best option, but I guess as it says be prepared for potential disappointment if there is no training on the day. I actually joined a voyagin tour in early 2015 for under $50USD pp and the guide was quite useful in giving background info and finding a stable that would accept us to watch the training inside the dojo (but free is better :slight_smile:)

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Many stables will accept visitors, but you have to contact them individually. If you don’t speak Japanese, best to use Greg’s link and follow the instructions there.

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