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Mobile WiFi MiFi in Japan


Hi everyone;

My daughter and I are in Japan in April and want to rent a mobile WiFi unit.

I have read the article "Renting a Wifi Router in Japan: The Best Options

  • December 8, 2017" by Carey Finn and in it, it mentions that Tokyo Cheapo can get a discount price: “The rental rate is £5.92* per day, but cheapo readers get a special discount, meaning that a five-day router rental will cost you just £25.55*”.

Unfortunately the article doesn’t give the discount code !

Does anyone know it or can recommend good value mobile WiFi rental companies ?

Thanks in advance.


HI there,
The discount is automatic - if you click through from the Tokyo Cheapo website, you’ll get the discount.


Many thanks for the clarification.



Hi CheapoGreg,

So you are aware, I have tried clicking on the links in the article however none appear to be providing any discount as opposed to going direct. Either way it is still coming to 900 yen per day.


Sorry, I can see the discount at the bottom now. :+1:


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