Mobal non disclosure

Why do Mobal not advise that modification of your phone is required before having you pay fir a SIM card and for network access.

Be very careful with this provider. They have taken over ¥9000 from my account and provided no service.

I have received a standard automated non helpful reply. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE THE PERFORMANCE OF MOBAL.

Essentially they advertise a service but do not advise that your phone will need to be modified by software download to be able to operate on the Mobal network. This is communicated to you …AFTER you purchase a SIM and pay for network access. The download affects other apps. After numerous technical queries it became evident Mobal could/ would not help. I then cancelled any future payments. I have not accessed any data or calls despite having paid over $50. I suggest sticking with major carriers if traveling overseas.

Hi there,
I’m not sure of the exact issue, but I guess you mean installing a profile on iOS so that you can use the SIM? This is actually required of all SIM providers in Japan, not just Mobal. It is inconvenient, but if you want to use a network in Japan with an iPhone, there’s no way around it. If you have an Android handset, it’s much easier. Also, with iOS, you can delete/uninstall the profile when you don’t need it anymore.
If it’s a different issue, let me know and I might be able to help.

As Cheapo Greg eluded to, if you are using an iPhone, then yes, you download a profile over wifi using Safari!
A simple review of Mobal support page provides the following links.
Just because you have never done this, does not mean the service is bad, etc.
Enjoy your trip!

iPhone Profile

Cellular Data Setup (Android)

I purchased a Mobal SIM card and it’s very slow and not reliable whatsoever, even with full bars on the 4G network. I strongly urge everyone not to get a Mobal SIM card!

Also - there’s no customer support number to call them at, just an email address, and they’re very unresponsive.

You are wrong in your response and arrogant in your tone. I have an alternative provider without all the reconfiguration. Are you paid by Mobal to misinform??

Hello Maikeru,
Great to hear you found an alternative that did not require a lot of reconfiguration.
I usually recommend GTN Mobile for visitors as they have a physcial shop and are able to assist folks in person.
I do not work for Mobal and had never heard of them until you mentioned them. I do note they are “refrainin” from helping customers in person due to Covid (everyone loves an excuse to avoid providing in person support).
Alas, I could understand the FAQ’s Mobal provided on their website. It really depends on the IOS version. Most folks have difficulty following FAQs that they have never had to do before.
I am not familiar with SIM requirements and iPhones in other countries, but in Japan it is common for carriers to have two or three SIM types depending on the iPhone generation, i.e. iPhone 5 and below, iPhone 6 and above, iPhone 8 and above etc. Now we have 5G sims to contend with for iPhone 12 and above as well. Of course, your iPhone needs to be unlocked in its home country with the original carrier before it can be used in Japan as well. There are a lot of variables to consider and prepare. Best of luck.

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