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Medium-Term Bicycle in Tokyo


Hi, Everyone!

I’m studying abroad in Tokyo for about 4 months starting in September, and I had a question about finding a bicycle for that amount of time. I’d love to have a bike to commute and to explore the city in my free time, but I know 4 months is likely too long for most bike rental programs. Would it be doable to buy a used bike and then sell it at the end of my stay, and is there a good place for this type of swapping? Otherwise, does anyone know of a reasonably-priced bike rental for longer terms?



Hey Connor,

It would probably be easiest to buy a bike (just make sure to register it in your name - the seller needs to give you a paper) and then sell it before you leave. You can pick up a bike for as little as a few thousand yen and sell it in a sayonara sale group or direct to a friend/fellow student. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Here are a couple of resources:


Thanks! I’ll look into that.


Craigslist is also quite active at least with bicycles sales


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