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MariCar/Nintendo Lawsuit



Should we be concerned about the MariCar and Nintendo lawsuit? We have not made our official reservations yet and from what I have read it appears MariCar plans to continue to offer tours. I was wondering if anyone hear had any insight or connections with the company to advise.

Thank you


The company affected by the lawsuit is Mari Mobility. There are at least a couple of companies offering the service. I visited one of the places yesterday and it was business as usual. I think the place was called Tokyo Street Kart but they also use the MariCar brand. They assured me everything was fine.


I think these guys are running a risk too if they use Mari in the name, but they all seem to be optimists !


Thank you

I think we are going to wait until we arrive in Tokyo to book the experience a day in advance. The last thing we want is travel money tied up…