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I will be coming to Tokyo in June. After business meetings, I will be traveling to Hiroshima to ride the Shimanami Kaido. I don’t want to lug a big suitcase with me. I want to travel light down to Hiroshima, but I don’t know what to do with my suitcase. One option is to send it by Kuro Neko, but I didn’t want to ship it from hotel to hotel. Are there any places to just store luggage for 4 or 5 days. The only storage options I’ve seen are only good for one day. Any ideas?

Hi Warchem, I have just been trying to find out the same question as I will be in Japan for a month, and don’t want to haul stuff all over the country. Most train stations require you to remove it every day, but I have found Haneda airport (so probably, also Narita) have a longer term luggage storage - up to two weeks. I don’t know whether you can Kuroneko it over to them, or have to drop off in person.

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Sagawa offers multi-day luggage storage. It says in their FAQ that they can hold it for 5 days, but not sure if that can be extended. Sagawa is a logistics and transport company, so I’m sure they could deliver it after that.

Kuroneko Yamato also have a storage service, but it’s unclear as to how long - also doesn’t appear to be a Japanese page with more info.

You could also check with the hotel you are staying at in Tokyo and ask if you can keep it there. I was able to do this once as I travelled from Tokyo to Osaka and back. But, I did stay at the same hotel one night when I returned to Tokyo. I assume you are returning to Tokyo and if you are spending a night at another hotel, you could check with that one as well.

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