Luggage Storage in Oshiage Station

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I and my family are going to visit Japan in March. We arrive in the morning, but we can only check into our homestay in the afternoon. We plan to spend the time around the Tokyo Skytree, and we receive suggestions to put our luggage in the lockers.

Any suggestion on how to locate these lockers and how to use it? I’ve searched the internet, but I simply can’t find quite a helpful article, so I’m placing my hope here at Tokyocheapo.

Thank you in advance, friends.

All of the train stations have lockers of all sizes that can be rented for the day.

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You just need coins of 100 yens for each locker- $5 the big lockers I had a little issue getting coins in the close by stores so get them at the exchange window in the airport. Lots of people and stairs in the subway but also elevators. lockers are every where and they are safe. Tokyo is a very tourist friendly country — you will love it

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