Luggage in Capsule Hotels

I will be travelling to Japan with a friend of mine for approximately two weeks. We will arrive on Jan 30, right before new years :slight_smile

I was wondering if someone could give me some insight to capsule hotels. My friend and I were planning to use capsule hotels for our entire trip. The only concern I have is with our luggage. Would it be realistic for us to leave our luggage at the capsule hotels while we go explore the city or would we be required to take our luggage with us?

Also, would I have easy access to my suitcase/backpack or would I have to ask the front desk to gain access.

I would welcome any other feedback to your travel plans, would living in capsule hotels for two weeks be a good and reasonable idea?


Capsule hotels should usually have lockers or some sort of luggage storage area. In some cases there might be an extra fee for them to look after oversized luggage.

If you’re planning on staying in capsule hotels the whole time make sure you have ear plugs (most places will have some at the front desk).

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