Luggage Forwarding Questions

Hello everyone! I will be going to Japan with my family in June. We will be there for 10 days. We land in Haneda and flying out of Narita. Since we will be going to Philippines after Japan, we will have luggages that we will not be using while we’re in Japan. We are thinking of using luggage forwarding for those luggages.

My questions are:

  1. Can luggage forwarding companies hold luggages for several days? Our current thinking is sending our luggages to the hotel we’re going to stay at on our last day. That would be 9 days from our arrival.

  2. If luggage forwarding companies can’t hold luggages for that long, can we forward our luggages to have it stored in Haneda?

  3. Or is our best option is going to Narita from Haneda via limousine bus and store our luggages at the airport?

Thank you in advance. Any help is appreciated. Suggestions welcome.

Contact your hotel. I contacted my final hotel (JR Hotel chain) before my flight out and they responded that they would be happy to keep my luggage for me, in my case, for two weeks.