Low Sodium in Japan

My husband has a disease (Meniere’s) and has serious sodium restriction. Can anyone suggest dishes, restaurants, or a way to ask for salt not to be added to a dish? Thanks in advance!
Also, do grocery stores sell a brand called Amy’s Organic? If it helps, we will be staying in Shimokita.

There’s a few organic stores in Tokyo, in particular there’s natural house in Shimokitazawa

Our healthy eating article talks about a few organic stores:

As for avoiding salt I don’t have much experience, but I suppose sashimi with no soy sauce is an authentic Japanese dish devoid of salt (or anything other than fish)

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Also sodium in Japanese is “natrium” or pronounced more like “na-to-ri-um”

In written Japanese,
Here’s sodium:


And here’s allergy

Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful!

Some other food ideas could include noodle dishes where the sauce is completely separated
Zarusoba (ざるそば) buckwheat noodles with dashi/soy dipping sauce
Hiyashichuuka (冷やし中華)which is like chilled ramen without the soup, but instead with dipping sauce. They have this in many ramen stores especially in summer.

Tempura may also be limited in salt (usually that comes with dipping sauce or a mound of dipping salt)

Shabu shabu [a pot of boiling water and you cook vegetables and sliced raw meat] may also be ok if you request for the starting broth /soup to be just water.

And my japanese is not great, but perhaps you could show the waiter something like this
which means “As my husband as allergy to salt, is it ok to use less sodium/salt?”

[anyone please feel free to correct my japanese]

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