Looking for good, photogenic love hotels in Tokyo

Hello Cheapos !

I live in Tokyo since summer 2016. I’m an amateur photographer from Europe. I recently started a photography project focusing on love hotels. The idea is to take pictures of the outside and the inside (the latter part featuring a model, otherwise it would be boring).
I already visited W Bagus, Colorful P&A and Hotel the Hotel (all in Kabukicho). I’m looking for other visually attractive love hotels, with original decoration, stylish design or anything else giving the place some personality.
Any suggestions?
To get an idea, you can see the project here, with the first two series (W Bagus and Colorful P&A) : http://tokyolove.me/ (NSFW) (also on Instagram: Tokyo Love Inside/Out (@tokyoloveinsideout) • Instagram photos and videos)

Arigato gozaimasu!