Looking for a [connection] job in Japanese broadcasting/media (in Japan)

hello everyone,

I wonder if you guys can help me to find a job in this kind of companies, can speak japanese, english and spanish, if possible as editor

thanks in advance! ^.^


Short of actually connections, here’s a few suggestions for making connections in Tokyo:

  • Get out and about and meet people in Tokyo, you’re much more likely to get connected by meeting people in person.
  • Look for events on facebook. There’s launch parties, anniversary parties and all kind of events where media types will be, often they aren’t necessarily publicised but the info is public and that aren’t invite only.
  • Getting on the Twitters and following a load of media peeps, especially if you can read and write Japanese.

Hope that helps!

uhm yeah but trying to crash into NHK’s private party didn’t work last time though lol

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