Libraries, study spots, quiet bars

Does anyone have a recommendation for a nice and quiet place in Tokyo to sit and read or study? It might be a library, a bar,… As long as it is not too lively. Electricity plugs and a breath-taking view are optional!

Any areas in particular or not fussy? The new Book and Bed hostel actually lets you pay for day access - which means all their 1700 books, space to work and access to plugs, or you can stay there for some serious work/reading time! This is their site: BOOK AND BED TOKYO

No area in particular. I live in the Bunkyo ward but I would definitely bike some km’s to find a peaceful reading / study spot :wink:

Lab Labar cafe in Daikanyama is usually fairly quiet and it’s nice looking out the window as the fashionistas walk by. I can probably think up a few more spots…

Check out Paperback Cafe - lot of people working/studying/reading. Plus there are outlets and free wifi :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it looks like what I am looking for and is not too far from home and work. I will check it out!

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