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LGBTIQ Tokyo as a non drinker

I’m visiting Tokyo in September and would like to visit Tokyo’s LGBTIQ district and I don’t drink but as a gay ma I want to experience the night life is it possible to get non alcoholic drinks in the bars and venues and how do I politely say I don’t drink alcohol?
Also is there any safety issues or scams I should be aware of as I’m a solo traveller ?

Hi kavana,

All bars have soft drinks, and some - like Cafe Lavenderia - even offer non-alcoholic hot apple ciders and other exciting drinks (or at least they did, when I last went). You can just tell people “sake nomimasen” (I don’t drink alcohol) and it’s unlikely anyone will push you on that.

When it comes to safety, take all the usual travel precautions. E.g. keep your wallet on you, avoid touts.

Have a great trip!

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