Left Japan and not coming back

Hello everyone. I worked in tokyo from 2007 sept to 2018 october. I planned to return in 2020 but covid hit. My reentry expired october, my PR card expired December all in 2023. I cant get a decebt ticket o come down so i may be forfeiting my PR card. My questions are as ff:
1- how do i turn in my My Number slip (card wasnt ready when i left)
2- how do i give up my PR card? Do i wait for it to expire or call the embassy?
3- all taxes were paid before I left and I also filled a move out form with our city in 2018. Since we will be giving up PR, can I apply for the lump sum withdrawal or the other 10year one? (Forgot the name)
4-i was also paying into tbe 401k in my office but because i did not claim it after a while, it was moved to pension.
5- my iphone contract was cancelled and all payments made but they forgot to unlock it :-/

Any advice from anyone will help. We r giving up PR because we wont be coming back to Japan.