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Late arrival at Narita


What is my alternative to get from Narita to Shibuya if I arrive at Narita at 9p.m.?


Hello fellow traveller! :wave: I’m not an expert, but I found from a previous thread that all the standard transport options should still work as the last trains tend to stop running after 11pm, plus there are a couple of buses that run a bit later:

EDIT: I thought I had a similar question to OP which was previously posted here, but I just realized my flight is arriving at Haneda instead LMAO.


Try Keisei Skyliner or the Access Narita website. They have later travel options.


At 9PM you should be fine. You can take the Skyliner to Ueno, and then the Yamanote line to Shibuya. If you have a JR Rail pass I believe it covers the Skyliner, but regardless it’s relatively cheap…

I’ve done this twice, and its very efficient…


Thanks, Andrew. Have you heard of the Access Narita Limousine bus from Narita to Tokyo downtown? It seems to bring you closer to part of Tokyo I’m trying to get to. Plus it’s a lot cheaper.


I’m not personally familiar with it, but for the most part travel in Japan is very accommodating unless you’re in a time crunch…

Navigating the train system is very easy, but buses, taxis, limos, etc. you will probably have to ask around to get to the right location.

Not a big issue, as anyone you ask will be very helpful, even with limited English…

However, when you say the Limo is cheaper than the train? I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $20 (US) getting from the airport to anywhere in Tokyo, albeit by train/subway…

But, if you have a lot of luggage, Limo is probably a good choice…


According to their literature, it’s only 1000yen to Tokyo Station.


The main consideration for travel in Japan is how much luggage you have. If you have more bags than you can comfortably carry, then definitely take the limo.

However, if you only have a carry on and maybe one suitcase (on wheels), the Yamanote train line will drop you off right at Shibuya station, so if your final destination isn’t far…

(Although on looking at the schedule, it appears that several Narita Express trains stop directly in Shibuya, so you might only need that option…where in Shibuya is your final destination?)