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Language question

I am traveling to Japan for the first time and think it would be polite for me to learn some rudimentary Japanese.
What words and phrases would it be useful for me to know?

Hi Rona,

It’s never a bad idea to learn basic greetings and words of appreciation. You might also like to learn how to say where you are from.

Enjoy your stay!

I been there 3 times and I didn’t need the language at all. I learn the diff of noodles and the currency coins but other than that English was not a problem for averyone

It’s always good to learn greetings and a few phrases. If I were you, I’d start any encounter by trying to use Japanese, because people will be VERY happy if you at least try. Then they will likely answer in English to be as helpful as possible. :smile:

To be polite:
Sumimasen - excuse me
Gomen nasai - I’m sorry
Arigato gozaimasu - thank you
Onegaishimasu - please e.g, “kore o onegaishimasu” this one please

Konichiwa - hello (afternoon)
Ohayo gozaimasu - good morning
Konbanwa - hello (evening)

Useful phrases:
(O-te arai) wa doko desu ka? - where is the (bathroom)?
Ikura desu ka? - How much is this?
(place name) doyatte ikemasu ka? How do I get to (place)?
(place) kara, dochira no fomu desu ka? which platform is for (place)?
(Mizu) moraemasu ka? May I have some (water)?
(Eigo no menu) wa arimasu ka? Do you have (an English menu)?

Emergency - just in case! :slight_smile:
keisatsu - police (dial 119)
koban - police box - a small police station, you can ask for directions or for other help there.
kaji - fire
dorobo - robber
tasukete kudasai - help me please
byōin - hospital


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