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Kenmin wari campaign extension from July 1st

Does anyone know how the kenmin wari campaign that is set to be extended to all regions of Japan on July 1st will work? I can’t find an official website, so not sure how the booking and discounts will work. Any help appreciated! Thanks

Sorry, I’ve looked on the JATA site and the official GOTO site but the only thing I could find is this site which you probably already know about →

It has links to all the usual suspects - JTB, Jalan, Rakuten etc. Seems you have to book online through them? Would be interested to know how you go.

Thanks for the information Greg. Appreciated!

I found this in case anyone is interested. Has some general information about it… webpage can be translated by using an app. Still don’t know how to go about using the campaign though. 県民割エリア拡大!全国旅行支援割も7月からスタート! 47都道府県最新情報まとめ!Go To トラベル再開前もお得に(6/29更新)