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Kart with kids HELP!

We are 2 families travelling to Tokyo jan 2020. We desperately want to find one of the Mario kart companies that will allow 16 year old sons to join ( obviously not drive) A friend says they remember seeing some type of dualkart

Hey Kaitlin! So Street Kart have options for non-drivers to join as ‘Photo Shooting’, which costs between 2000 - 3000 yen. They also have a price for children so 16 year olds should be fine. Their site describes it as: “Photo Shooting option is for Non-Drivers to follow the karts on tour to join in the photo session during breaks. The participant fee for Non-Drivers includes any and all admission fee at break locations.” There used to be the option to go in a cart behind - maybe email them and see what they say? (Sorry if you’ve tried them already and it’s changed!)