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Kart with kids HELP!

We are 2 families travelling to Tokyo jan 2020. We desperately want to find one of the Mario kart companies that will allow 16 year old sons to join ( obviously not drive) A friend says they remember seeing some type of dualkart

Hey Kaitlin! So Street Kart have options for non-drivers to join as ‘Photo Shooting’, which costs between 2000 - 3000 yen. They also have a price for children so 16 year olds should be fine. Their site describes it as: “Photo Shooting option is for Non-Drivers to follow the karts on tour to join in the photo session during breaks. The participant fee for Non-Drivers includes any and all admission fee at break locations.” There used to be the option to go in a cart behind - maybe email them and see what they say? (Sorry if you’ve tried them already and it’s changed!)

What…? No, if you don’t have a driver’s license, you can’t expect to drive one of those carts.

Look, I work in Ueno, and I see those stupid carts all the time. They cause all kinds of traffic problems because the people driving them are tourists who don’t know how to drive in Tokyo. There have been accidents and lots and lots of complaints. My advice is to not make Tokyo your video game playground. The locals hate it.