Karaoke with teenager?

Hi , I’ll be visiting Tokyo for the first time in October with my husband and 15 year old daughter, would she be allowed in a Karaoke bar or is she too young ?
Thanks for any advice related to teenages in Tokyo.

Yes, young people and kids go to karaoke all the time. She just won’t be allowed to order alcohol.

Keep in mind that karaoke in Japan is not in a bar, where everyone watches together. You will get your own little private room, and you can order food and drinks there. It’s charged by the hour, and price depends on time of day (weekday daytime is cheapest; weekend evening is more expensive) and what package you choose. For example, you can get soft drinks, alcohol, food, and so on.

Have fun!

Thanks for your reply! On the subject of bars , would a teenager be allowed in in the evening if she was obviously not drinking alcohol , around 10 pm ?


I don’t think I’ve ever noticed kids in bars (izakayas) here, but I don’t think they stop you from entering, especially in a larger izakaya which almost looks like a restaurant.

Thanks, that’s useful to know :slight_smile: