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JR tokyo wide pass


Hi .
would like to know about the JR
Tokyo wide pass.Can I use this pass from Tokyo to Shizuoka , and travel from Shizuoka to Fujinomiya ,to JR kanaya and get oligawa railway.
If i cannot use this pass. Please recommend the reasonable way to travel all these places
Thank you


You might find this article helpful:


Thank you for your kindness.

Anyway the article shows that this JR pass cover some area of Shizuoka. Does it mean that I can use this pass from Tokyo station to Shizuoka station?

I am looking forward to your answer.

Thank you


I checked the map on the JR website, but could not confirm your exact route. My suggestion is that you ask at the station before buying your pass. If the routes are not covered, you may be able to get to nearby stations and then pay in a bit extra, or buy another regional pass.


the official JR website has the details of how far you can go with the JR tokyo wide pass
In short the answer is no, this pass will only take you as far as Atami.

There seems to be a Shizuoka pass, but that doesn’t cover the trip from Tokyo to Shizuoka

So maybe you have to do the calculations for pass vs no pass, and weigh the option (you can use hyperdia to calculate costs of travel without pass)