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JR Planning Help!


Hello everyone!

Please help me. I’m planning my trip to Tokyo and Kyoto for October and am trying to figure out which railway pass/passes I will need to buy.
My husband and I will arrive in Tokyo and stay there three days- so what pass do I require to travel within the city only? we plan to split the days between the 5 most interesting districts.
We then will leave for Kyoto for 3 days, where again we will stay in the city until we depart for Osaka airport on the seventh day.

Many thanks in advance for your help!


Hi Amy,

Our articles on rail passes might help:

Safe travels!


Hopefully the articles should help you to see that you don’t actually need any passes. All you need is a PASMO/Suica (loaded value travel card) for getting around in Tokyo and Kyoto. For the leg between Tokyo and Kyoto, just buy tickets. A one way trip is less than half the price of the cheapest JR pass.
If you were coming back to Tokyo I’d say get the pass, but since you aren’t, tickets are cheaper.