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Jr passes help deciding

Hello guyss!! It will not be my first time in japan but i am just really confused on how the JR passes works . i am travelling to tokyo in december and will spend most of my time in shinjuku. i need help on deciding which jr passes to get as there are so many , i have narrowed it down to tokyo wide pass or the national jr pass. Here is my itinery
22/12-24/12 - shinjuku
24/12-25/12- yokohama
25/12-27/12-hakone (odawara station)
31/12-5/1- shinjuku
I understand that i will pass by karuizawa before i reach kusatsu but the reason for that is that there will be no direct shinkansen from kusatsu and i prefer a direct transport on 31/12 as it is the new years eve. I also did my research and found out that tokyo wide pass does not cover JR buses and subways and covers till sakuidara station only and not nagano station. Will it be more cost effective if i get the tokyo wide pass or the national JR pass… Any help is deeply appreciated , Thanks in advance:)