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JR Pass to visit Japan



I am traveling to Japan in a few weeks. I will be arriving to Haneda Airport and from there I was planing to take JR trains to Nagano (2 ways), Osaka, Kyoto and back to Kansai airport. However, I am so confused with which pass I should buy in order to visit this destinations. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you for your kind help!

Cátia Silva


Hi Cátia,

Try the shinkansen fare calculator to find out the cost of buying shinkansen tickets for all the journeys:

Then you can see whether it’s cheaper or not to buy the JR Rail Pass.

For the journeys you mention, you’ll certainly save money if you’re able to use the 7 day rail pass.



Thank you very much! I have already purchased the JR Rail Pass online.

I would like to ask one more question, if you could help me.

I am arriving Haneda airport at 6 am and I would like to visit Mt Fuji on my arrival day by joining a tour. However, bus departs from Hamamatsucho Bus terminal at 08:40 am and I am not sure if time is enough to send bags to the hotel, get the visa on my PP and activate my JR pass. If I am not able to join a tour, what’s the best way to travel from Tokyo station or Hamamatsucho terminal to Fuji? I know that I can use my JR pass until Hakone station but what should I do once I arrive there? Any bus that can take us to Hakone directly?

Thank you for your kind help



Hi Catia
Even though it’s a 20 min Monorail to Hamamtsucho station I think it would not be safe to rush for an 8.40am bus

Besides, the ticket office to pick up the JR pass doesn’t open till 7.45

If you want to go to Hakone the JR pass will only take you as far as Odawara, where you can then buy a Hakone freepass (2 or 3 day pass)

The alternative is to take JR trains all the way to Lake Kawaguchiko, but you’d have to book reserved seats in the 2nd part of the trip (you can do this from any JR station).


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Since you have the JR rail pass, the train to Kawaguchiko makes sense. There’s a few “easier” trains each day that go all the way from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko

Google for the “holiday rapid kawaguchiko timetable”

Here’s an example route from Tokyo Station leaving at 10:21am