JR pass - please confirm it's the right option


I really would like to confirm that I’m making the smart choice with the JR pass, anyone could please help I’d really appreciate it.

Thinking about a 7 day pass:
I will land at Osaka KIX where I’d already activate the card. I could use the pass to get into Osaka center. (Can I use the JR pass to get around in Osaka?)
A day and a half later I need to get to Tokyo on the shinkansen.
I’ll spend 2 days in Tokyo - I read the JR pass can also be used within Tokyo? - to what extent?
On day 6 of the pass I’d take a train to Kyoto, and after spending just a night on day 7 of the pass I’d get the train back to Tokyo.
It does make sense to buy the JR pass, right? I get so confused with the different passes.

Thanks guys, keep up the good job!

Hi there,

If you’re planning on doing Osaka -> Tokyo -> Kyoto, then yes, a JR Pass would probably make sense. However, have you considered doing Osaka and Kyoto, then Tokyo? Osaka and Kyoto are just 30 min apart.

The JR Pass gives you access to all JR rail lines across the country, including in Tokyo.

Hi Frances, thank you for your reply! Yes, I know it’d make a lot more sense to visit the cities in that order, but I’m attending events in both Tokyo and Osaka and I’m stuck with those dates, I’m trying to plan my visit around them, and trying to figure out how to make the most of the time available.

I’m trying to get a map detailing all JR lines within Tokyo, whether I’d still need a Suica card, or I can just get to the main areas of Tokyo with my JR pass.

Thanks again!

That makes sense. It’s probably still worth your while to get a Suica card, as you’ll almost certainly have to use train lines other than JR, even if just for short trips. Plus, it makes a nice souvenir, and you can keep it for use if you visit again (you can also return it and get your deposit back).

Enjoy your trip!

Thank you Frances :slight_smile: