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JR Pass or Individual tickets


My family is traveling to Japan in March. We are flying into Tokyo but are then going to Kyoto and Hakone. We will be going to Kyoto for 3 days then heading to Hakone for 2 days and then back to Tokyo. Does anyone have a suggestion for rail tickets?


It sounds like it would be most economical to buy a discount return bullet train ticket for the Kyoto leg of your trip, and then use passes to get to Hakone. I don’t think you need a JR Pass.

See more here: and


Thanks for the tip. Do you know if we can go from Kyoto to Hakone and then Hakone to Tokyo?


From looking it seems like I could take the Hikari to Tokyo - Kyoto, then Kyoto - Odawara Station, somehow get from Odawara Station to Hakone, and then Odawara Station to Tokyo. Does this make sense? Would you buy individual tickets for this or a JR Rail pass?


You can do that, but it’s probably easier to go via Tokyo. Are you doing any other travel while you’re here? I still think individual tickets would work out cheaper, especially if you take advantage of a discount package, but it depends on what the rest of your plans are. :slight_smile:


If I am purchasing individual tickets should we purchase these in advance or can we do it when we arrive in Japan?


When you get to Odawara - purchase Hakone 2 day pass.
The best and quite inexpensive way to go around Hakone.


If you want a special tourist fare, you’ll need to purchase the Tokyo to Kyoto leg in advance - see the article I linked earlier.


Good evening,

Based on the same topic on this thread.

Our family of 3 (2 adults and a 10 year old) will be traveling to Japan for the first time this summer. Our plan is to arrive in Tokyo on the 22nd of July, spend a few days in Tokyo and then head to Kyoto on July 25th. We’ll be in Kyoto until the 29th of July then head to Mishima station so we can visit the Izu Peninsula. We will depart from Mishima station to return to Tokyo on August 2nd to fly back to the U.S.

I did some basic research and I am thinking we could get a 7-day JR pass to go from Tokyo to Kyoto, then to Mishima. Then for the return leg from Mishima to Tokyo station, just buy individual tickets. Will this plan be cheaper than buying at 14-day JR pass? I am a bit overwhelmed with transportation options on this trip to Japan.

Thank you!