JR pass or individual tickets?

I’m sure similar questions get asked a bunch but I haven’t been able to find something that meets my specific situation.

I’m going to Japan for 14 days exactly,

  • List item land in Tokyo and stay there for four nights

  • List item then go off to Osaka for four nights

  • List item then to Kyoto 6 nights

  • List item then back to Tokyo for the remaining nights.

Essential i’ll be taking four train trips, but would only need 9 days on a JR pass, so too short for the 7 day pass and too long for the 14 day pass.

Do you think it would be more economic to buy a Pass or individual tickets?

It looks like the JR rail pass will cost you significantly more than buying tickets.

If you’re just travelling Tokyo → Osaka/Kyoto and back then it’s cheaper buying the tickets see:

There is a discount roundtrip ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka available, have a look at this article

Hi I have a similar concern. This will be my 1st time in Japan. Will be travelling together with my family. Will be visiting Japan from Dec 25 to 31. Will be touring tokyo and sapporo. In Tokyo, we plan to visit: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Meiji, Sushi Dai, Tokyo Tower, Kit kat Chocolatory & Disney World. Do I need JR Pass here? Tokyo to Sapporo, will be by plane. Touring Sapporo should I get the 3 day Hokkaido Pass? Hope you could advice and recommend best option. Thank you

You don’t need the JR rail pass for Tokyo.
Get the passmo or suica card for travelling around Tokyo:

Hi. Is Suica and Pasmo IC cards are only for Tokyo? This is what I have read. If we plan to visit Sapporo, we need another IC card?

You can use them anywhere in japan- metro subway or buses
Trains like bullet or JR specialty trains have their own tickets

Good evening,

Based on the same topic on this thread.

Our family of 3 (2 adults and a 10 year old) will be traveling to Japan for the first time this summer. Our plan is to arrive in Tokyo on the 22nd of July, spend a few days in Tokyo and then head to Kyoto on July 25th. We’ll be in Kyoto until the 29th of July then head to Mishima station so we can visit the Izu Peninsula. We will depart from Mishima station to return to Tokyo on August 2nd to fly back to the U.S.

I did some basic research and I am thinking we could get a 7-day JR pass to go from Tokyo to Kyoto, then to Mishima. Then for the return leg from Mishima to Tokyo station, just buy individual tickets. Will this plan be cheaper than buying at 14-day JR pass? I am a bit overwhelmed with transportation options on this trip to Japan.

Thank you!

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