JR pass from Tokyo to Osaka

Our first time visiting. How does the JR pass get us from Tokyo to Osaka? We read your very helpful blog here Tokyo to Osaka: The Fastest and Cheapest Ways to Get There | Tokyo Cheapo and it said that you could somehow use the JR pass with the bullet train but couldn’t see exactly how. Requires switching trains somewhere?

Specifically, we’re trying to get to Naniwa Ward in Osaka from Tokyo.

Could somewhere either show me a step by step route or share with me a tool that could show me one?

Much gratitude.

Hey! Use this website for JR Pass planning

I just put in Tokyo and Osaka and it told me as per the attached. easy! Some places like Osaka have a special bullet train station named with a Shin- prefix (I guess to match Shinkansen, the word for bullet train) so you can plan to go there or just the normal “Osaka” station, it will out you on bullet trains as much as possible I believe.

Hope this helps. We’re just two weeks from our first trip JR passing around Honshu and we cannot wait!