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JR EAST PASS - does it work in Tokyo and on the way Tokyo-Kyoto-Tokyo by Shinkansen?


I will visit Japan only for 5 days. I will be around Tokyo (stay in central and see some points in Tokyo) and also make a tour to Kyoto and return Tokyo. I have a question becouse regular JR Pass is too expensive for us, it cost 29,000 yen, but I found JR East Pass for 19,000 yen (from this site: )

and this price is ok for me but the site is not so clear for me, I mean I am not sure if this JR East Pass will let me

  1. travel all around Tokyo (if yes, with whan means of transport?)

  2. travel from airport Heneda to Tokyo central and back?

  3. travel from Tokyo to Kyoto and back by Shinkansen? (I can’t see Kyoto in destinations of the site of jreast thats why I am not sure)

I will be very grateful for ansvering my questions :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


Hi Dominika,
The JR East Pass only works in the JR East area - which stops just south of Tokyo. This means you can’t use it to travel to Kyoto by Shinkansen. The JR passes do cover transport to and from Haneda Airport (via the Tokyo Monorail) but consider the cost of the Monorail to Hamamatsucho Station is only 490yen (about 250yen for children) so using an expensive pass for this trip isn’t really efficient.
If cost for getting to Kyoto is an issue, I would suggest going by bus or plane. One way tickets from Narita to KIX can be as low as 5,000yen. The train to Narita and the train from KIX to Kyoto and return add to the cost though, so it still might cost 19,000yen.
here’s an article with options: