JP rail Pass purchase

Hello, I am Wolfgang. Going to Japan for 2 weeks. Saying in T for 3 days, then heading to Osaka and Kyoto, afterwards going back to Tokyo. My question: should I purchase a JP rail pass?? thanks a lot for any useful comments…W

it really depends on your travel plans and how much your are going to need shinkansen…

The JR pass is great value for intercity travel but you don’t need it for travel within Tokyo (for daily travel in Tokyo it’s difficult to go over 1000yen/day). The regular ticket for Tokyo to Kyoto is close to the cost of the 7 day pass, so if you can use it for the Tokyo <-> Kyoto part and a couple of other side trips then already you have paid for the pass.
We made a fare calculator so you can see the regular cost of transport on the Shinkansen and how it compares to the JR Pass and other discount tickets → Shinkansen Fare Calculator | Tokyo Cheapo

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Thank you Greg. Actually, the fare calculator isn’t that satisfying to me. I want to go to Osaka, have a stopover for 5days, afterwards continuing my trip to Kyoto, have another stopover for 3 days. Then I would like to travel back to Tokyo again.

What kind of ticket should i take now? Am i better off buying a return ticket from tokyo to Kyoto even when I interrupt my trip in Osaka for 5 days?? is this possible??


thanks Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang,
It’s possible - but the prices would be those indicated in the fare calculator - by clicking on Osaka and Kyoto, you can see the costs from getting to there from Kyoto or from there to Osaka. JR doesn’t typically offer discounts for return tickets, so you just add up the prices.
Your daily travel around Kansai might add up to around 2,000yen/day.

Thanks Greg…now i can see clearer. Anyway, I decided to take a 7 days pass. I think it’s finally the cheapest way to get around in the Kansai area…
Thx a lot, Wolfgang