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Japan wireless review

Hey Guys
Thanks for all the useful reviews and information regarding setting up in Japan… immeasurable help.
is there a reason Japan Wireless is not mentioned in your long term pocket WiFi review?

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We’re actually been looking into Japan Wireless recently, so expect an update soon!

Hello Maikeru,

There are two types of Wireless in Japan.

  1. a true pocket wife that has an internal rechargeable battery you can carry around with you.
  2. a standalone Wireless device that needs AC power (not portable). Softbank Air started this service about 5 years ago. AU has a similar device.
  3. these standalone devices attract consumers because not “physical line pulling” is required.

Personally, I do not like either of these “standalone” wireless devices because

  1. if you read the fine print, they can limit the actual speed if they feel you are using too much data, even though no data limit.
  2. reception will vary, just as a cell phone does.
  3. the cancellation terms are just atrocious, you are paying a monthly fee and under a two or three year contract with a cancellation fee if you cancel outside of the cancellation month.

you are much better off using and looking for a good deal in your area for a real internet connection. some of them have “tricky rebates” that require you to fill out some “form” after a certain number of months etc. Only do this with a very detailed oriented excellent Japanese reading/speaking person’s help.
Personally, I recommend you just contact and get the first month free, no installation fee, no long term contract with only certain months that are free to cancel, etc. pay via credit card or bank account.

Don’t go with Mobal for your mobile data. I bought a SIM card for 30 days and it’s junk - painfully slow and not reliable.