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Japan transportation query


My partner and I are doing a trip around Japan in October. Dates are below.

From what I can ascertain purchasing the JRP (7days) is potentially not worth it as our two longest trips happen 8 days apart.

We are trying to utilize other deals in the areas we are traveling too (knowing that we will have to purchase single tickets here and there).

If you have any recommendations on the most cost effective options that would be enormously helpful!

Thank you

Tokyo Oct 10-13 (Suica card)
Tokyo- hakone Oct 14 (Suica to Shinjuku + romance car)
Hakone Oct 14-15 (2 day Hakone free pass)
Hakone - Kyoto Oct 16 (Hakone free pass to Odawara then Shinkansen Hikari one-way ticket)
Kyoto Oct 16-20 (Suica for day 1 then a 5 day JR Kansai wide area pass)
Side trip to Osaka ( JR Kansai wide area pass)
Kyoto - Okayama Oct 21 (Kansai wide area pass used to catch Shinkansen Nozomi)
Okayama - Naoshima Oct 22 (Suica card + ferry)
Okayama - Tokyo Oct 23 (Shinkansen Nozomi one-way ticket)
Tokyo 23-26 (Suica card)


I think your plan is already most cost effective.

There’s a special discount shinkansen ticket for tourists from Tokyo to Kyoto, but it has a 7 day limit, so that doesn’t fit.


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