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Japan Rail Pass

Hi We are in Japan for 12 days. 6 days in Tokyo then Shinkansen to Kyoto for 6 days. Day trips from Tokyo to Nikko, and from Kyoto to Nara plus travel from Narita to Tokyo at the beginning and Kyoto to Kansai airport at the end.
I am struggling to work out if a JR pass would save any money on this itinerary. Can you help?

Hi sues,

I don’t think a national JR Pass is your best bet, but a Tokyo Wide Pass might come in handy. You can get discount round-trip tickets between Tokyo and Kyoto too, for the bullet train:

Hello Sues,

If I were you, first of all, I would check the itinerary on Hyperdia to be completely sure that the Japan Rail Pass pays off. This pass is only worthy if you have in mind traveling on long-distance trips (such as day trips from Tokyo or Kyoto). This guide may help you, as it’s explained step by step how to use this planning tool:

Hope this helps you with your final decision.